'Shun Goku Satsu' ('瞬獄殺', "instant hell kill") also called the "Raging Demon" or the "Instant Hell Murder", is a very powerful, but fatally dangerous technique taught in the original principles of the martial art taught by Goutetsu. The move usually defeats the opponent instantly or kills them while destroying their soul. The Shun Goku Satsu is linked with the Nio, the twin, wrath filled guardians of the Buddha. In some Buddhist beliefs, there are sixteen hells which punish the soul, eight of fire and eight of ice. The Shun Goku Satsu is the channelling of these sixteen hells to the opponent's soul through the user's soul. Due to the fact that sixteen hells are being channelled through the user to destroy the opponent's soul, the user is put at immense risk - if the user fails to maintain a Zen state of mind throughout the course of the technique, it will backfire and turn the punishment of the sixteen hells on the user.

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