The absorbacron is a Thanagarian telepathic database.

Overview Edit

A typical Thanagarian psionic data interface connected to a conventional backup or data storage system. However instead of simply recording the memories simply imprinted on it, a Absorbacron copy’s the user's mental and emotional state so long as it is active and 'receiving.' This makes it extremely dangerous for anyone but the original user to use as it would infuse their mind with knowledge of the original. It was like a flash drive that dumped a new operating system into every computer that tried to access a mp3 or picture or document. Somehow the basic memories and consciousness of the original user will meld with the new ones thought patterns.

It was like saving a program with the similar but not-quite-right codec to the wrong part of the brain. A victim of such a malfunction could've ended up maladjusted with the implanted information in the same hypothetical space in the brain as the genuine experiences. 

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