the aizen family is a revered house that has been employed by the imperial court for generations noted for its skill in the mining, refining and manipulation of mineral resources the aizen house has been entrusted with the defense of the emperor. the gaifu senjutsu is a fighting technique born from the aizen family mastery of ores and metal working a martial style based on the manipulation of gaifu or armored cloth. A skill passed down through the family that took 300 years to perfect: It allows the user to transform any cloth into a living weapon or armor. The cloth is bathed in users ki aura allowing the ki to melt along its structure, becoming apart of the very fibers that compose the clothing, making

it more sterner, more resist
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ant. The cloth can be turned into any and every kind

of weapon, from a sword to an air cannon. Having this one of a kind weapon, user is able to even defeat the most powerful of conventionally armed enemies.

Line of death

A cloth whip that can tear at anything it touches, because the line itself is ringed by sharp points and often hurls projectiles as well.

adamantine gaifu

An indestructible robe crafted from the rare adamantine ore which is refined and interwoven with steel wire it is a masterpiece of the aizen metalworkers who are entrusted as the shields and protection of the emperor. Before this garment any weapon is rendered as impotent as a child's toy. The gaifu is without a doubt

the strongest defense in all the lands and the keystone of offense in the a
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style senjutsu

Spiral spear

The ultimate configuration of the gaifu a spear created by twisting the cloth at high-speed to heighten the gaifu's density thus attaining its highest possible

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hardness strong enough to drill through rock even the hardness of a diamond

couldn't destroy it

Ninja throwing dagger cloth

A revision of the spiral spear instead of twisting the entire cloth sections are twist between the fingers and broken off into miniture spiral spears creating deadly projectiles


gunpowder like explosives embedded into special gauntlets by itself completely harmless but upon contact it creates an explosion strong enough to destroy a boulder.

Coiled cannon explosive cloth

This greatly amplifies the power the guantlet by coiling the gaifu around it and

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inserting a bullet in the back compartment. The explosive power of the guantlet

creates a cannon like projectile that totally decimates all in front of it.