When the story begins, Akane is engaged against her will to her father's friend's son, Ranma Saotome, so that the Tendo dojo and the school of the Anything Goes Martial Arts will be assured a future. Akane first met Ranma after Nabiki discovered that he was catatonic and walked away in disgust. Akane mistook her sister's angered face for something that Ranma must have done and attacked him in a fit of rage. She then left feeling safe with the knowledge that he wasn't on her level.

After Genma explained his version of what happened Akane felt even more that Ranma wasn’t worth her time. Akane was awed by Genma’s heroic exploits so was ecstatic when he and Soun’s began focusing their attention on training her as Ranma was obviously unsuitable for the position of heir.

Months passed in a relatively monotonous way. Akane trained with Genma and Soun, who regained his passion for the Art with the arrival of his friend and his daughter's dedication. Akane's skill in the Saotome branch of the Anything Goes was very limited due to her temper and tendency to use strength instead of speed, but she advanced pretty well on the Tendo branch. Soun and Genma sparred everyday and congratulated themselves for starting a class in the afternoons. Soun, Akane and Genma ignored Ranma's existence as best as they could. During this time she also met Ryoga Hibiki.

Unfortunately those months also had Genma who wanted to stay in good terms with her and Soun fueled Akane’s every delusion which had a negative effect on her. Genma was teaching her to do the thinking with her fists instead of her brain. So when Ranma came back to his senses it was met with noting but jealousy. To the point where she found him and Kasumi him her dojo cleaning weapons she once again attacked him in a fit of rage. When Kasumi tried to stop her she blindly lashed out startling Kasumi and making her fall to the ground. When the rest of the family arrived in the dojo only to see Ranma glaring down at Akane for attacking Kasumi they mistook the scene as Akane trying to protect Kasumi from a violent Ranma and Akane in her delusional state went with it.

Akane kept on accumulating anger, becoming more and more dangerous with the skills the masters of the Anything Goes kept teaching her.

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