Akane Saotome
Residence Okinawa
Family Ryu Saotome (Huband)
Occupation lieutenant commander
Akane Saotome is a character in Divine Blood.


Akane’s blue-black hair has the sensible cut of a middle-aged woman in the military. Which goes well with the lieutenant commander's bars on her dress.


At the age of 16 it was arranged for Akane to marry a young man of the Saotome clan so that they could continue the combination of their family styles. Sadly he disappeared one night without a trace. So the engagement was transferred to Ryu Kumon who was adopted into the Saotome clan due to being the only other one with Saotome-ryu training, even if it was just the Yamasen-ken to start. By this time Akane had gotten tired of fighting the engagement. The first few years were cold but the two eventually grew to love each other. Akane joined the military when her sister Nabiki went to China on rumors of her former fiancées whereabouts.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Akane’s strikes are efficient and wasted little motion. Her transitions are good, and she doesn’t telegraph her actions. While she has something of a temper, she reigns it in. Making it power rather than hindrance.

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