Akumu Enbu




Akumu Enbu

Literal English

Nightmare Waltz

Parent Technique

Ten'on (Heaven's Blessings)


A Scary Thought

This technique is a fully encompassing nightmare. While focusing their ki throughout their body, user can blur the vision of an adversary, affecting their depth perception, and "dive into the confused minds of their opponents, and then amplify and send the opponent into a state of insanity, at the deep thoughts sleeping inside their opponent's heart." As a result, the target hallucinates and becomes delirious. Even the victim's memories are distorted leaving little avenue for escape. Even user does not know exactly what a victim experiences. Akumu Enbu merely taps into a memory which is personally frightening to the victim.

Akumu Enbu requires the release of even the tiniest amount of ki from the target; otherwise, it would be impossible for her to align ones ki with the opponent's and manipulate it. It is best to be used only on one person to get full control, but it is still unclear on how much the control will be reduced by if it is used on more than one person.

This technique is quite similar to Rizumu no Sounyuu, which is also used to control opponents through ki alignment. 

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