A kid, and an unlikely ally of the ARMS teens. Al and his twin brother Jeff were scientific geniuses, and as they grew up people persecuted them for being different. This make the twins hate all "normal" people, and determined to get revenge. XCOM made the twins their top weapons developers, and with their MEC-4 Alastor’s also a top combat team. When the twins try to capture the ARMS teens they get out of hand, and XCOM murders Jeff and tries to murder Al for disobeying orders. Al then allies with the ARMS teens to get his revenge on XCOM. In the beginning Al is extremely self-centered, always talking about how brilliant he is and how the ARMS teens are just heartless morons. But after a great deal of tough love and tender loving care he learns to trust and care about other people. The ARMS become his new family, and he uses all his knowledge and intelligence to help them. Eventually Al gets more physical in the way he handles problems. Godai is usually annoyed with Al's behavior and whacks him on the head as a result (Al later whacks the head of the Chapel Children in the same manner, telling them that he learned it was good for stubborn people). By the end of the series, he seems to have become attached to Seras, hugging her just before she leaves to fight the Jabberwock. When the group returns to Japan, he moves in with Godai and his parents and learn martial arts from them.

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