Alexandra Tokima


President of Wraith Laboratories, Head of FA's Technological Warfare Division, and Master Strategist


None as of yet

Combat Ability

Good. Alex is surprisingly skilled in the martial arts and an excellent sharpshooter, but always prefers to make her attacks when the victim doesn't know what's coming.





Heading up the biological development division of the Freedom's Angels (a perfect job, as she owns her own genetics firm), Alexandra has access to the most dangerous and experimental resources that the FA's have to offer. Skilled in management, motivation, espionage, negotiation, and above all, seduction, Alexandra truly believes in the FA's cause and is fully willing to crush anyone or anything that gets in her way. A ruthless and formidible opponent in every sense of the word, Alex is unquestionably most adept at manipulation, and doesn't like to hear the word "no".

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