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A unique form of combat alchemy. It is a fundamental technique, one that can be easily molded in many ways into more advanced techniques. It is the ability to shape particulate matter and later solid matter as you please. When mastered it grants the power to deconstruct, reshape, and crystallize matter at a molecular level using only thought and willpower. The form the alters manifest in alter users is directly related to the personality and desires of the possessor can be upgraded through training and experience to the highest form of shining light and armor. However, matter must be processed in order to use the energy or resources to crystallize or create the alter. The alter user can control what matter will be used to attain the alter. There are two versions of this technique, Unity is when the alter is attached to the body, forming an armor. The armor can be used to attack with, and can come in any form, usually covering one body part at the initial level, and growing to cover more of the body as it increases in power. Sentient is when an alter is separate of the body and can be controlled from a distance. The size of these alters varies greatly, from human sized to large giants with incredible power. Sentient alters can also be an animal or an object such as a giant plant or a massive gun. There are unlimited possibilities. Sentient alters move freely of the user and are more effective to use since user can see the action from further away. A few Sentient alters can think on their own, and don't need to rely on orders to attack. Alters can also be swords or other weapons, which must be hand wielded.


It’s the "word of evolution" used to achieve an Alter's final form (the armored form) where Alters and their Users can fuse together to become an even more powerful being. Those who have mastered the power of scryed are
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said to be invincible. The power of evolution allows them to change their alter as well as opponents to what ever they wish.

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