This cloak is one of the items acquired by Hecate in her bid for power.


Anansi is a Spider who is a trickster and cultural hero. Anansi is sometimes regarded as the creator of the Sun, Moon, Stars, the day/night cycle, and humans. He also taught humanity agriculture. Some stories tell of him marrying a king's daughter and creating wealth out of nothing. Another story tells of Anansi trying to store all of the world's wisdom in a calabash (bottle gourd), but it was too heavy to move around, so he tipped the calabash over, spreading wisdom into everyone. Another story tells how he got the title "king of all stories". Nyame, the sky god, told he could get the title only if he could catch Osebo, "the jaguar with teeth like daggers", Mmoboro, "the hornet whose sting is like fire", and "the fairy whom men never see". Nyame doubts Anansi can accomplish these feets. Anansi tricks the Osebo, who wants to eat the spider, into playing a game where the jaguar gets tied up in Anansi's silk, tricks Mmoboro into pretending it’s raining and offers him a hiding place in a calabash, and tricks the fairy by some means. Some accounts replace the fairy with Onini, the great python. Anansi presents all 3 to Nyame and is granted the title "king of all stories". Anansi is depicted as a spider, a human, or a spider-man.

Anansi's cloak is an indestructible robe crafted from Anansi’s silk. Before this garment any weapon, attack or magic is rendered as impotent as a child's toy. This cloak is without a doubt the strongest defense in all the lands. In addition its bearer is able to control the individual threads that make up the cloak.

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