Psyren v06 c52 - 16

This PSI ability allow user to solidify and subsequently manipulate the dimensions of the shadows in the immediate vicinity, in an attempt to inflict injuries upon his adversaries with piercing and slicing manoeuvres. However, the technique itself requires extensive concentration in order to function, meaning that user must exchange a significant proportion of his resultant velocity within his movements, to provide the shadows with even the slightest amount of momentum. Due to the sluggish speed of these shadows and their diminishing remunerations, opponent's who possess proficient Rise capabilities are able to evade and retaliate with ease but this is all an elaborate deception, orchestrated with the sole purpose of enticing the foe to conduct direct physical strikes to Inui's body. Once enough trauma has been successfully administered, user activates the specific program which provides this technique its name, condensing the influenced shadows into a singular humanoid entity that transfers its sensations back to its creator. This resulting creature exhibits the same speed and strength demonstrated by the current foe, ascertained from the previous blows exacted upon Inui but unlike the former shadows, this organism is entirely autonomous and so it doesn't confer any negative consequences upon user's alternative forms of PSI. The muscularity of the creature and thus its physical power can be substantially increased by supplying it with additional emotional fuel, comprised of a portion of user's own aggression and hate. In the circumstance that this ability is actually destroyed, the resultant mental recoil is enough to debilitate user for an extended period of time, to such an extent that he is unable to use PSI for the duration.[11]

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