An incredibly powerful spell. Anteisei intensifies the potency of the spiritual energy in the casters body and causes it to duplicate thousands of times per milisecond for approximately ten seconds; and during these ten seconds the Onmyoji is for all purposes immortal as his body regenerates so fast that even the most powerful techniques are effortlessly shrugged off, and leave no lasting injury whatsoever - this form of regeneration is so perfect that it is capable of regenerating even the most vital of organs and can essentially regenerate the Onmyoji even if his body had been completely obliderated, their physical strength is also more or less unmatched during these ten seconds: As a by-effect, Anteisei restores the Onmyoji'a body to the period in his life he was at his strongest; and by extension his physical strength, speed and reflexes along with his spiritual power is drastically increased - this effect lasts from anywhere from three days to a whole week depending on their condition. Anteisei has mayor drawbacks however, in the form of a sickness which drastically weakens and erases energy within the body, which permanently weakens the Onmyoji by a moderate amount each time the spell is cast - the spell has the shortest known casting time among any known spell; and it can be cast silently and requires no movement at all, the spell requires merely a single thought to activate, and it is thus for all purposes instantenous.

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