The Anti-Life Equation was an equation containing great power that could dominate all life.

History Edit

Trespasser belonged to the ancient Maltusian race and was a scientist sought to create intergalactic order, believing the only logical way was through knowledge. A believer in Krona’s philosophy his thirst for understanding consumed him eventually caused him to take a party of Green Lantern members to the Bleed in search of the Anti-Life Equation. He eventually in the corpse of Heresiarch who was the fallen "heretical" god because of his understanding of the ALQ, and it continuing to exist within his corpse certainly didn't have any positive effects in the hulk dimension.

Background information Edit

Supposedly, the Anti-Life Equation mathematically proves that hope, love, and freedom are all meaningless and effectively destroys a person's free will. Ever thing you do, ever event, ever thought in your life affects the field that surrounds your body and you aura records you entire life history there, so if you know how to read them it's simplicity itself. You'd have to know more about the fundamental structure of reality to really appreciate what an Akashic field is. Think of it more as an infinite field of plasticized fabric that stretches out into infinity and touches all points of the cosmos, then compare it to the same effect you get when you stretch a cord between two cans and use them like a telephone that directly conveys sound waves.

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