The Anything-Goes School of Magic or as its more commonly known as 2nd Generation Memory Make is a Caster-Type Molding Magic.


While learning more than one type of magic is not uncommon the Anything Goes School of Magic, is unique in it is not a single type of magic, but just that, a combination of whatever spells the mage feels are useful enough to learn. True to its name it is based on learning and adapting many different types of Magic, taking what works and discarding what doesn't. As such, it is not confined to a single way of thinking or philosophy when it comes to combat. This gives a practitioner the advantage of adaptability and unpredictability in a fight since he would ideally know spells from many different types that complement each other, minimizing perceptible weaknesses.

The Magic also shares similarities with Slayer Magic in that it incorporates magic into

Melee combat instead of the other way around as it’s usually done with mages. Like Slayer Magic it using magic to enhance melee combat both offensively and defensively.

This type of magic is extremely difficult to master due to the fact that its strength is directly proportional to the mages skill in quickly learning new and multiple types and spells.



The name 2nd Generation Memory Make was actually provided by the Fairy Tail Guild after Ranko’s fantastic performance at the last Grand Magic Games as an insult to Sabertooth Guild due to their sadistic bullying. Its creator has no interest in the magic and only say Rufus as just another bully in the long list she had to deal with when she joined the guild.  

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