Arak Tetsumi







Planet of Origin


Combat Abilities

Although a fair shot with a rifle, Arak gets nervous too easily to be of any use in direct combat, and is most useful behind a computer monitor.

Technical/Other Abilities

Arak is the team scientist. A genius in every sense of the world, Arak is responsible for just about all the technological innovations that have made the Knights of the Dark Moon so feared. He alone created RAC and the legendary Apocalypse Cannon, and continues to experiment and create new weapons as quickly as he gather new materials and innovations.

The senior member of the gang (not that it ever gets him any respect), Arak maintains the Wild Horse's systems and usually stays behind during battles to analyze the situation from a safe distance. Though first impressions may lead one to believe that he's quite useless, it is mostly his technology that has made Ranma and Rayden so lethal in combat, and makes the Wild Horse superior to all other starships of its size and class. Prone to flights of imagination and egotism, he makes up for what he lacks in charisma with sheer intellect.

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