Aratakira Meioh


Jade Queen




Enma Meioh (husband)

Lona Inverse (co-wife)

Aratakira Meioh is the First Wife of Enma Meioh



Aratakira met Enma 200 years ago when he had come to the world trying to set up what would later become the Ninja Villages and ensure that several Country Lords didn’t ‘invest’ time into Arts that not be in the best interests of those worlds. Aratakira was the first woman to capture his fancy since the Great Fall. Later while meeting up with her husband while he was vacationing on Avalon she came across him being doggedly pursued by Lona Inverse. They two chatted and Aratakira informed Enma that they agreed to allow Lona to become his second wife


Aratakira is shown to have a relatively jovial and carefree personality.



In addition to being a skilled shinobi is also a master of the Infinity School making her a skilled warriors, far in advance of what lays in Edo.


With the rise of Akatsuki Enma decided to declare another gathering and sent Aratakira to Edo as his representative. So taking Midori Uchiha as her bodyguard the two set off for their homeworld. However on their way they were joined by Minaho Masaki as she claimed that she had knowledge of the wear abouts of Arashi Kuramitsu. While both she and Midori felt that there was more to Minaho’s story then she was telling them they decided to wait until she showed her hand.

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