Armadura Fairy

It’s a pink armor with a simple breastplate joined to the collar, which sports a heart between two wings-shaped decorations; the pauldrons possess a similar structure, with the two plates constituting each of them being surmounted by small wings. The gauntlets cover the arms completely, with prominent feather-shaped decorations pointing backwards in correspondence to the wrists. The waistguard is made up of plates attached to the breastplate, with a belt around the waist, and a short, pinkish white skirt covering the upper thighs. The greaves reach up to the middle parts of wearer’s bare thighs, possess feather-like ornaments on the upper edges and below the knee guards, which have similar motifs carved on them, and each sports a pair of small wings, one attached to the knee guard and one in correspondence to wearer’s ankles. The armor is completed by a large tiara adorning wearer’s head, with feather-shaped protrusions jutting out from it, and by a large pinkish white cape.

Special Features'

Increased Offensive Capabilities

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