Hyper Police v8 p050
The Art of Focus is a problem that the original masters of the wind school faced and it’s a problem that took them over 50 years to solve. This technique is based on the chaos of a hurricane, tornado or other such wind storms that seem unpredictable what trainee learns to do is release that chaos in their own fighting style making them so chaotic that the advantage of focus if nullified. It will also allow them to augment the potency of their techniques by increasing the natural fury behind them. The mind has a set of preconceived notions about what actions to take. This eliminates those loosening the trainee to wild possibilities at all times. This training requires one to eliminate their inhibitions and be willing to do anything and be willing to do anything. This doesnt mean for them to drop their skills in combat and enter a berserker rage. no, what they are to do is open up their mind to every possibilities and be willing to do any of them this will throw opponents into confusion leaving them totally uncertain on how user’ll approach each situation. They will be unable to predict user’s actions. Once the basic principle to the body and finally the ki is mastered. This will eliminate the visual cues that all warriors and particularly those using the art of focus to judge actions. That will leave them unable to predict and even unable to reliably react to trainee.

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