The last element of the lightning style, it's an advanced form of mental focus. it can be used to obtain an inner state of peace or enhance the effectiveness of your martial arts or even allow you to draw more on your chi or ki those are just a few of its applications it is deceptively powerful but it is not a cure all and it takes much time to learn it completely.


The first part of the art of focus training requires the trainee to stare at a pin in a wall. This is done for hours, day, months, and years, until the trainee has finished their training. This part of the training is complete when the trainee starts to see a web-like set of dimly glowing lines, many emanating from the location of the pin the lines slightly brighter and more focused. These are ki lines the next step in training is the trainee must be able to call forth these lines at will. When the art of focus if fully mastered the trainee now has an incredible ability they can examine opponent’s and find their points of greatest weakness or rather the paths of least resistance. They also have a great ability to focus their own bodies. It is important to keep in mind that emotions are just as important to the art of focus as clarity of mind.

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