Arthur Hawkins


Rebecca Hawkins (granddaughter)

Professor Arthur Hawkins, is the American best friend of Sugoroku Mutou Kuramitsu and the grandfather of Rebecca.


Arthur was a fellow gamer friend of Solomon Muto. He gave Solomon a rare "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" card. While Solomon taught him some of the Infinity School.

When Kaiba tried to buy Solomon Muto's "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" card, Solomon refused, saying it was given to him by a dear friend.

He is briefly seen after Rebecca finishes her duel with Yugi Muto. When he investigated the history of Atlantis and the Orichalcos he gives information to Yugi concerning both of them and is instrumental in discovering the location of the lair of Dartz.

Visiting Solomon Arthur was shocked to see that his friend was still able to use his martial skills upon seeing the elderly man who often complained about his back going out dusting the top shelves ... while hanging from the ceiling by one foot clamping onto a banister rail. By this point Yugi’s mother had arrived as well so Joey just decided to go into the shop to see what was going on. Only to promptly be attacked by Solomon who mistook him for Seto.

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