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This technique revolve around the creation of a literal and isolated sphere of influence, containing various representations of celestial bodies integrated into its external circumference, projected outwards from his own physical entity that acts as the central focal point of the dome. The visible exterior of this three-dimensional space occupies a region moderately larger than that observed by a typical burst stream, encompassing and defining the outer confines of the domain that becomes subject to user's subsequent whims. This external barrier is resistant to the majority of external forces as it is user's own will which determines the denial or permission of entry, resulting in it performing as a more than adequate defense under most circumstances. However, user's authority is even more decisive in regards to the conditions of the internal environment, where multiple aspects can be significantly altered by the manipulation of the surrounding astrological features, instigated by thought alone. Extensive knowledge in the area of cosmology is required to make the creation of these affects, such as the influencing of gravity, a simple task by simply recreating already known phenomenon.

Gravitational Manipulation

Within the confines of his realm of influence, user is able to selectively control the magnitude of gravitational force that afflicts an object, effectively increasing or decreasing its relative weight. Conventionally, he manipulates this technique to hamper his opponents movements while augmenting his own, by comparatively making their bodies feel as if they are as heavy as lead and as light as a feather respectively.[17]

Gravitational Singularity

By populating the spherical dimension fundamental to his abilities, with an innumerable quantity of stellar constellations and then subsequently rotating the stars that compose these formations at insurmountable velocities in a singular direction, user is capable of replicating the advantageous aspects of this supposed naturally occurring phenomenon to delay the passage of time for those who occupy the interior space. The combination of both the intense gravitational mass difference and relative speed subjected to the inhabitants produces a time dilation effect, as described by the theory of relativity, that distorts time to such an extent that it is approximately five times slower than that of what we normally observe, meaning 5 hours within the inner component of the region is proportionate to only a single hour occurring externally. It is believed skilled users are able to retained their youthful appearance no matter their actual age by the subconscious release of the energy associated with this technique. Though their appearance will be when they actually learned the technique.

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