Asuka Takami




Head Commander of the DAPC, Primary Strategist, and Heavy Combat Facilitator.

Combat Ability

Don't mess with this chick; she'll kick your ass. Seriously.





Personal Motto

"The road to success is covered by people who tripped. Feel free to kick them as you walk by."

Asuka is the head of the DAPC, and the one who keeps everyone in line. Though harsh, quick-tempered, and quick to criticize others, Asuka is a fair and intelligent leader who can accurately judge a situation and determine the best course of action. Her temper can be a problem at times, and she tries not to let it get in the way during life-and-death situations, but at times she's so overwhelmed by the incompetence of her subordinates that she can put the entire team at risk. Despite her short fuse and a fair bit of insecurity at being a single woman given command over and responsibility for several officers (in a role usually occupied by men), she is well-respected and well-liked by her teammates, even if they don't take the time to show it. Asuka has a fairly dark past that she keeps strictly to herself and refuses to confront.

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