An advanced Automail that combines efficient energy circuits and an energy recovering system.

Overview Edit

Automail Armor is a motorized battle armor composed of three major components: Motor, Hydraulic Cushion System, and Power Injection System. The power source in very, very simple terms, uses the negative movements of the suit to recharge in the same way hybrid cars use retrograde braking to recharge their batteries. Since Automail Armor is based on the original Automail technology, it uses some of the same parts and same power cores as traditional automail.

The armor works using a reactive sensor system with no delay. Most exoskeletons are clumsy because every one of the wearer’s movements has to be fed back to the mainframe, which then makes calculations and feeds instructions back out to the individual joints and limbs. The whole process can take as much as half a second when someone is making complex movements like, say, walking, and half-seconds start to pile up faster than you think they can. It slows reaction time and forces people to move and act differently wearing the suits, against their reflexes.

The bigger dinosaurs like brontosaurus had what amounted to a back-up brain, a large nerve cluster that served no purpose but to keep their legs coordinated while impulses traveled up and down their spine. Using this the Automail Armor reactive sensor system works using sub-processors built into every joint. Piezoelectric sensors feed to the mini-computers, which relay back to the main processor while triggering the servos. This cuts the reaction time to less than one-sixtieth of a second.

Trivia Edit

The power source and reaction sensor systems are based off of the Cerberus Battle Armor from the novel Ex-Heroes

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