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Parent Technique

Ring Road



Birds make two types of sounds they can make songs and calls. for example the bush warbler only sings its hoo hokekyo song in the spring the rest of the year it just chirps the chirping calls are to other birds similar to the words that people use each word has a unique pronunciation and a definite meaning however what we classify as songs are just a means of expressing their mood as far as we know the sounds they make during songs don’t actually mean anything or so we've come to believe recent research suggest that bird songs are more complex than we originally thought however. As a matter of fact they now think that songs are a very important method of communication a bird song is a way to express things that cannot be put into words. that concept can be communicated directly to others normal people just here it as a gong but within the complex patterns and hidden frequencies of the melody lies an incredible amount of information as the concept is transmitted. Bird song analysis and encodes ones concepts and senses and broadcasts them to the other mechanics through sound essentially creating clones of the king. However this is very taxing to the clones who don’t have the endurance the king has build up.

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