Formal Warrior’s title

Because many warriors gathered in the city, of Kuruda, it was also called the warrior Kingdome. In Kuruda the king could award a title, the greatest honor for a warrior, one whose power rises far above all others. A warrior who has received this title will soon be given an Azana, as a sign of esteem from those around them…and of fear. These are the warriors called Sevalle. Only they are allowed to carve the symbol of the Sevalle into their bodies. It is said that in the entire 2000 year history of Kuruda there have only been 59 savalle’s and there has never been a warrior who has risen to that rank since.

Known Savalle of Legend

Elle’s Ragu

The last known Sevalle, also known as Shadow Skill. People know that up until the 58’th all savalle have legends that became their sanctuary but there’s no sanctuary legend for the 59th. There’s no origin to the fighting name for Elle Ragu. Why is she “Shadow Skill”. There are only two conditions where one can become a savalle. To win at the Kuruda martial arts tournament, or to win a legendary battle and save the holy kingdom from harm but she won the tournament after she had become a sevalle. Even when she was appointed as a savalle there was no official announcement stating the reason for the appointment by the kuruda government. The Kuruda king Eva Stolla and the Holy Queen Lilvert Lu Bijoux both also stayed in silence as the appointment ceremony proceeded and thus the Mysterious Shadow Skill was born. However her Azuna has nothing to do with her fighting style. It represents something similar yet different. The meaning of her fighting name is the one who know’s the skill of the sealed shadow.


When he was just 16, in a contest in front of the king he defeated Kuruda’s current king, ‘Hawk Eye’ Iba Sutra. And then there’s how, all by himself, he wiped out over 1000 soldiers, and lots of other legends he leaves wherever he goes. He’s the strongest man in all of the warrior kingdom’ Kuruda’s 2000 year history. His name is Vy Low but none amoung Kuruda’s warriors called him by his true name. Those who see the single huge sword-cut on his face are filled with respect and fear. They call him scarface.

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