Dark Limbo, Oblivion

A bounded field, that is capable of separating the dimension within its confines creating an area of relatively unstable that mimics the functions of Limbo. As it exists between two worlds, Imagination, Virtual Illusion and Reality are constantly in conflict with each other. There is no way on knowing exactly what could happen Time Quakes, Random Probability Shifts, Temporal Hurricanes, maybe even some weirder stuff never even encountered before. At the extreme end we could be talking major calamity, real "End of the World" stuff. The field is also able to diminish stamina and suck up one's life forces slowly, so that upon entering it, a person will feel very exhausted. However, in Bokyaku, the movements of the cells are also greatly agitated, allowing quick healing. The field also has a form of size distortion that makes it difficult for to estimate direction and distance, as it appears an awful lot bigger on the inside than from the outside seeming to stretch to infinity in all directions.

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