Aliases Prince Basil
Residence The Musk Dynasty Palace in China
Birthplace China
Age 17-18
Family Herb (father)
Occupation Prince of the Musk Dynasty
Species Human-Dragon Hybrid
Fighting Style Shokei Fist: Dragon-clan chi manipulation
Basil, son of Herb, Prince of the Musk


Basil is callous, vicious, sadistic, disdainful, haughty, irate and annoyed for most of the story, shows little respect for the worth of anyone beyond himself, and is more than willing to destroy someone's life, or smugly and slowly cut their heads off, for having the audacity to land an attack when standing up to him. However his most defining characteristic is his arrogance he disregarded his father’s law against kidnapping outsider girls stating that his father's curse makes him soft. He feels that he and he alone as a true Musk has the right to decide his dynasty’s fate.

Basil's basically a spoiled brat who thinks his father is weak for treating females with respect. Given that, that the tribe probably has 30-50 people in it, with some older males (30s-70s) disliking Herbs changes in law. I doubt they outright plotted against them (as I have them successfully doing in Chi and Chakra), but just grumbled about the old days and Basil overheard. Most likely, he and his friends went out hunting (ostensibly for food) and just kept going. His father probably went from worried to angry to back to worried but isn't aware of where his son went, so has to just sit and wait.


Basil basically talked his cohorts into running away on a fool's errand to find brides worthy of their Dynasty. This is in contrast to Herb's journey when he was younger being the result of a foolish mistake closer to home, but one that was nevertheless necessary. Eventually they ran into the Satomi triplets.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

Basil's chi-power/technical martial skill probably roughly equates to a 16-18 year old Herb. However despite having about the same levels of power as his father did in youth, Basil's posturing and attacks have less substance and thought about them. Herb only got to as erratic when Ranma kept baring her breasts in the battle enraging him to the point he couldn't aim straight. In addition Basil's forethought, tactical thinking and use of that power does not equal his father's at the same age.

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