Belmarinkal Saima


Approx. 3,450


High elf


Cleric (Rank: Bishop)


Lawful Good


Order, peace, obedience, politeness, magic


Disobedience, fighting, sin, demons of any type, evil, technology, suggestions that the elves aren't as great as the elves frequently insist they are


Gold runic staff

Fighting Style

None. Saima is entirely reliant upon her magic and allies to defend herself

Combat Abilities

Though hard to establish before seeing it in action, Saima is actually a combat mage of tremendous skill, being able to call upon a number of vicious clerical magics and traditional attack magics that frankly leave Kaze green with envy. Unfortunately, centuries of civilian work as an administrator and disciplinarian has left her quite rusty, both in terms of direct magical power, and her ability to make optimal combat decisions (which is critical for any mage)


Clerical Magic (Malakai): Saima's mastery of Malakai's magical blessings is unmatched all across Earth realm, and she commands spells that can strike down the fiercest opponent in a swirling melee or bend the most stubborn mind forcefully to her own iron will

Light Magic: A school of magic famed for its powerful energy lances, Saima has mastered the coveted Severus family of spells, which include magic bolts that tear through all but the most impenetrable magic resistance

Kaze's disciplinarian and #1 drag through most of the young evon's life, Saima (so called because elves never allow any lesser species to refer to them by their first names) appears at first to be a stereotypical control freak nun with a merciless streak that probably comes from her apparent celibacy. And, well, that's precisely what she is. However, the elven bishop does boast considerable skill and wisdom, and takes her responsibilities as seriously as she takes everything else that ever happens. Like most elves, she's prone to vanity and prejudice, which has led to a deep rivalry between her and Kaze, whom she was assigned to teach by Archbishop Toren, and occasionally even Chiima, whom she constantly praised as being the most capable and reliable "non-elf" she'd ever had to care for.

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