Crimson Princess

Benihime takes the form of a shikomizue (a blade hidden inside a cane). Because it resides in a cane, its hilt is still the handle of the cane, so it looks different from most Zanpakuto. The shaft of the cane also bears a skull and flame mark at its base.

Shikai: The Shikai command of Benihime is "Awaken" (起きろ, okiro). Benihime's Shikai takes the form a
sleek, medium-sized sword. The grip has a gentle decorative bend that ends at a crimson tassel dangling from the pommel. Instead of a crossguard, there is a U-shaped decoration covering the first three or four inches of blade, with a flower petal design just as it meets a red string wrapping. The string is wrapped thrice around the hilt, with a three-loop bow on one side and a folded paper decoration on the other. Benihime's blade is straight and slim, though somewhat short, with the tip ending in a slanted razor-like edge instead of being tapered to a point.

Shikai Special Ability: Benihime is capable of producing various crimson-colored energy techniques. Kisuke can perform these abilities of Benihime's by a variety of different verbal commands that corresponds to its different abilities.

Nake, Benihime (啼け紅姫, Sing, Crimson Princess: This technique is Benihime's offensive ability. It fires particularly strong and destructive crimson-colored energy blasts. Skilled wielders are able to control these blasts, and can even change the shape, size, and intensity of them.

Chikasumi no Tate (血霞の盾, Blood Mist Shield): Benihime's defensive ability forms an hexagonal-shaped "blood mist shield" in front of user. The barrier is called out with the same command as the offensive attack.

Shibari, Benihime (縛り紅姫, Binding, Crimson Princess): This technique condenses the energy observed in Benihime's previous abilities into the form of a tangible net, emanating from the blade's tip that can be subsequently manipulated in order to bind and restrict an opponents movements.

Hiasobi, Benihime (火遊紅姫, Fire-Playing, Crimson Princess): The energy typically emitted from Benihime takes on explosive properties while this ability is in effect, resulting in the production of highly destructive blasts when the volatile material comes into contact with its intended target. This ability is used to "place" these destructive orbs like landmines, which can then be linked together.

Juzutsunagi (数珠繋, Beaded Mesh): By piercing a previously fabricated energy formation created during one of Benihime's other techniques, for instance Shibari Benihime, it can be further infused with the significant amount of combustible power created by Hiasobi Benihime creating a tremendously large and devastating explosion.

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