Crimson Weeping Bough

This Zanpakutō takes the form of a standard sized katana with a red hilt-wrapping and green sheath. The guard is rectangular with vine and flower designs around it.

  • Shikai: It is released with the command Bloom Madly (咲き乱れ, "sakimidare"). When released, it takes the form of a long black sword with five flowers attached to it; two flowers on either side and one on the tip.

Shikai Special Ability: The flowers release a pollen which causes more flowers to bloom on his opponent's weapon, rendering it useless. The flowers will wither if the pollen is blown away. Wielder can also scatter the flowers on the blade to blind an enemy to allow in the aid of their escape in battle.

· Sange (Grant a Glorious Death): Benishidare's secondary ability. He can then use the scattered flowers to rain large energy needles down on his foe.

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