Needless v02 c08 - 033

“An audience only thinks a magic show is godlike until they know the secret. And an audience only says one thing once they figure it out.”

In the Atlantic Ocean there exists a magical region where ships and airplanes vanish frequently – the Bermuda triangle. This place holds the remains of god’s ‘creation’ the power to create and destroy matter at will. This technique imitates that ability. Bermuda athport is the ability to control matter at a molecular level to cause and objects molecules to lose their ability to reflect light, rendering them invisible to normal light and human sight. With enough training skilled users can even render the object invisible along the electromagnetic spectrum, including the infrared and the ultraviolet ranges of the spectrum. This invisibility does not affect every other sense and can still be detected by touch. While this technique may not seem very powerful in the hands of a creative user it can truly be deadly. Simple things such as throwing invisible weapons to give the appearance of high speed attacks, erasing nearby constructions to change scenery, standing on invisible floors or behind invisible walls.

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