Biotech personal body armor

A bacterium parasite that lives on the surface of the skin creating a powerful armor. It acts as a blue skin tight paste that rapidly spreeds to every square inch of the body. When struck they spread the shock of impact outward. The wearer still feels the impact, but it’s as if the object that struck them were a big soft hand pushing them. The little globules are like piranha, only instead of flesh they eat any metal that can oxidize. Anything that’s pushed the armor it gets eaten away by the bacteria, but is pushing comes from the wearer it doesn't do a thing. That’s why they can wear shoes and pick things up. Unfortunately the armor does have a few problems, it won’t stop projectiles moving to fast and after about three hours it starts to eat away the skin. Fortunately only the outer layer of skin is eaten away, but they do eat away the hair. To solve this problem the bacteria have to be tagged with wearers dna this prevents them from eating the outer layer of the skin or hair. The armor can only be washed off with antibacterial soap.

An offset of the clan they have body-wide "undifferentiated" neural tissue, as if their whole body itself is a brain. As a result of this, they possess a much higher than normal intelligence and a fantastic regenerative capacity. They gain a nearly total recall and a seemingly limitless capacity for multitasking. This neural tissue is a double-edged sword; however, as it still makes their entire body incredibly sensitive to pain, even dust causes them excruciating pain.


A tiny dose and for a minute you give instructions that can never be disobeyed

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