Bishamonten (毘沙門天): Named after the God of Warriors, this type of Shikigami is a combat specialist. Its abilities focus heavily on swordsmanship, and brute physical strength. Each one possesses great durability and speed, wielding dual katana's with great proficiency.

  • Expert Sworsmanship Specialist: Evident by whom they are named after, Bishamonten-class Shikigami possesses considerable skill in swordsmanship, battling with a relentless almost berserker-like ferocity. It is highly skilled at using its incredible speed to great effect for precision and lethal blows against its summoners enemies. It also seem to possesses some form of limited intelligence as it is capable of adapting to its opponents attacks, and strategy.

  • Immense Strength: Bishamonten-class Shikigami possesses tremendous physical strength, capable of demolishing entire buildings with a single swipe of their blade.

  • Immense Durability: Another attribute of Bishamonten-class Shikigami is their incredible durability, and ability to suffer through a great deal of damage, yet not show any hint of damage in their movements or attacks. Their skin is extremely durable and very difficult to pierce through. As constructs they dont have any vitals to target making the very difficult to kill, and are the most resistant towards Kido affects and abilities.

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