In this world there are often powers no one understands. There are far too many strange happenings around us each everyday for us to comprehend fully without going insane. Sometimes these powers are mere shadows of lives once lived, but there is that other rare occasion when a minor shadow becomes an accurate reproduction of a former life. Spirits who wish their life back often go back to try and finish something that they started, and the same is true for the evil as well as the good. And that's how it started, an old serial killer, not brought back from the dead, but in a state of death in which he could inflict pain upon others, walked into a blacksmith shop and demanded the finest blade. It so happened that at that moment, the finest blade there was a blessed saber, and the blacksmith wasn't about to give a blessed item to an evil spirit. Angered by the blacksmith's pause, the spirit killed him and took the sword. But the second that the evil in him mixed with the blessed blade, a flash rang out and the killer vanished, but not before leaving one last mark on the world in the form of the sword. The blade was now a cruel mixture of both good and evil combined, powerful beyond all reasoning, and an instant cause of fear for the common people. So, the blade was locked in a noble's vault, never to be heard from again. The finely crafted golden hilt leads into a cross guard about four or so inches long. Two gems decorate the top most part of the blade, one on each side. The first is a bright white emerald, being not too big, only an inch in diameter, representing the blessings of all the priests and the holy power stored inside of it. The other side reveals a dark, black gem, trimmed with gold, this gem is the same size as the other, only it represents the evil poured into it by the killer. The blade itself is solidly made, seeming to mix important features of a short sword and a scimitar.(I.E.The blade is about a foot long and curves toward the wielder at the tip.) There are no fine carvings on this blade, as all holy decorations were removed when the evil entered it. The blade has developed a strange hue, being no longer silver, but a strange, glowing aquamarine. This blade is lightning quick and very powerful, making it a fine choice for a weapon in the heat of battle.

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