Bloodlust (血渇望, Chi Katsubō) uses Blood Clotting to directly empower the veins and arteries with an enhanced flow of blood. This, rather than clotting the blood, is increasing its flow dramatically. Such a flow would be capable of causing a variety of benefits to the user's body. In particular, his physical abilities are augmented exponentially. Bloodlust enhances the amount and rate of oxygen and nutrients being provided to the body's muscles. In doing so, one's physical capabilities literally skyrocket, as their strength, speed, and durability reach staggering levels; in the latter case, the enhanced durability is so great that it seemingly renders the purpose of the original technique moot. Additionally; Bloodlust also grants enhanced sensory. By stimulating the blood supply in the brain and balancing it with the oxygen supply within it, whilst enhancing its flow, user enhances all senses at a given time, making him a far more dangerous opponent.

When this technique was in effect due to the flow being inhumanly sped beyond the average limitations, user’s entire metabolic rate goes so high that his sweat vaporized rapidly making his body look as if it were steaming and their skin reflects the internal change, changing to a more pinkish red.


Despite the benefits one might gain from its use Bloodlust shares many of the dangers as the Parlay du Foie Gras. At first, Ranma could only use Bloodlust for a short period of time, because the accelerated speed at which nutrients are used up depletes his body rapidly. The mechanics behind this enhancement thus also mean reduced strength and agility after prolonged use, as pointed out when Ranma's attacks start losing their speedy edge because with all his nutrients running low, having a faster blood flow would be useless as there are no nutrients to use. Due to this, Bloodlust hacks away at Ranma's life force dramatically, increasing a chance of starving to death if he relies solely on this to win.

The technique uses even more oxygen and energy, using up more food and causing Ranma to pant heavily. The increase in his metabolism causes him to be hungrier than usual or even have a paralysis type effect after prolonged use of it. Through training Ranma has demonstrated a more excessive use of Bloodlust without such exhausting costs, as well as being able to activate it at conveniently brief periods of time to save his stamina and strength reserves for longer fights. This is possibly because of Ranma's mastery over the form.


The concept behind Bloodlust was inspired by the Gear Second technique used in the manga and anime series, One Piece. It can also be attributed to Mitsuomi Takayanagi from Tenjou Tenge.

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