Bloody Needle (ブラッディー・ニードル, Buraddī Nīdoru) is a technique where by if Ranma has drawn blood or spilt it anywhere, then at a moment's notice, he can infuse that blood with his power, causing them to transfigure into the form of droplets before expanding and hardening, turning them into razor-sharp needles which extend towards his foe, with the malicious intent to pierce them. As blood can be spread easily and quickly during a particularly intense fight, Bloody Needles is mostly used to surround his foe, able to exploit any available opening at a moment's notice. Due to this, Bloody Needles possesses the additional effect of being able to surprise the foe no matter how much they have witnessed the technique as it is easily adaptable. It should be noted that activating this technique costs little to no power, and thus, Bloody Needles is easily one of Ranma's most useful techniques

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