Slicing his wrist, Ranma exposes his own blood to his opponent. With a simple flick of his wrist or a single swift movement of his arm, Ranma releases the blood, sending it shooting towards his foe with deadly accuracy. Utilizing his energy, Ranma sends out a small modification wave, which forces the small pooled blood to transform and harden, becoming a crescent shaped arc of blood. If in close combat, Ranma slices his wrist, and then in the arc of his arm's swing, uses his energy to harden the blood into a blade that remains affixed to his arm, enabling numerous follow-ups. The true advantage of Bloody Slicer's close-combat variant is that it can liquefy at a single thought, enabling Ranma to negate his foe's attempts at defense upon impact; and Ranma, immediately afterward, can follow up with another attack, such as Bloody Needles. Both variants of the technique can be utilized in swift succession; since most of the time, the opponent is forced to focus on blocking the first blast, rarely figuring out that the second blow is coming up immediately.

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