The art of slaughtering dragon
This technique is an ability that the body and mind can achieve through total integration whereby kinetic energy is absorbed and distributed without harm being incurred as the force is dispelled evenly, like shedding water off a duck's back, or transferring sound to a vibration that passes easily through the body. Resiliance is a "Water" skill, and as the body is mostly water it is learning to channel force without it being transferred in a way that disrupts tissue, nerve, bone or muscle. Usually a body that runs into the red zone will destroy itself, however the creator of this technique discovered a previously unknown stable state beyond the normal limits of the body. Phase transition: when a substance transforms from one stable state with certain properties to another state with different properties. Ordinary materials can transition between three states (solid, liquid, gas). By combining this with the principles of the true thrust user is able to break the sound barrier while standing still. This technique absorbs kinetic energy and metabolizes it to increase the vibrational speed of users’ molecules granting them a huge leap of power and speed without any preparatory action.

The technique uses the absorbed energy to change the structure of users’ energy circulatory system and creates a torus-shaped circuit in their lower abdomen in other words, a miniature particle accelerator. User collides elementary particles in there and produces antimatter over a long period of time Antimatter-as opposed to true matter, antimatter is composed of particles with reversed quantum numbers. When matter and antimatter touch, they create a huge explosion which converts all their mass into energy. This process is called antimatter annihilation. This technique can absorb the energy of any blow user is struck by, not just punches, but also projectiles like bullets, and to a less successful degree, electricity and ki techniques. The heat and energy from the blows are absorbed into their body, transforming it, tempering it, increasing its power. This technique is extremely difficult to learn as the internal pressure and the resistance caused by it is enormously larges. The technique is described as feeling like the whole body has been transformed into light. There are now able to reach phenomenal speeds. When struck the sonic boom and super heat builds up inside the object they struck and explodes. Bone destroying dragon slay is a move where user releases all the anti-matter from their fist. If used, the antimatter annihilation would destroy not only the opponent but their surroundings as well. The techniques creator gained enough experience to use his own energy to perform the technique allowing him to use his heightened abilities to their fullest.

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