A long time ago in China, one of the Joketsuzoku Elders, Bra Shu, created a powerful artifact. She was a powerful woman with a great deal of potential, and in her hands, the artifact made her almost invincible. She picked fights that she knew she could win, and even led a campaign against the Musk. She won many battles and duels and with each one her acclaim grew.

 In each one, she used her artifact, which she took to calling Bra Shu's Glory. Finally, she confronted the Lord of the Musk himself. Like all his line, he was also named Herb. He found a way to counter Bra Shu's Glory after watching her use it, and when he took it from her, Bra Shu became helpless before him. Herb's guards seized her and took her away as they did many of the Joketsuzoku warriors in that battle. The Musk still have her artifact, though it may or may not still work without its maker. Their name for it, which the Joketsuzoku soon also adopted, was not Bra Shu's Glory, it was Bra Shu's Folly.

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