Brain Charger




Dainou Juudenki

Parent Technique

Infinity Atmosphere



This technique is the highest precedence of infinity atmosphere the average human can only use 10% of their full potential. it's not odd that humans waste too much energy take therma-power generation as an example firstly oil is burnt and water heated to 1000 degrees vapor pressurized propeller shaft spins generator coil spins, and finally electricity is produced but by that point of time 65% of the oil combustible calories are lost furthermore energy is lost on the load of the power line load of transformer load of appliances of each type and the actual energy used is about 10% besides that the leftover electricity is thrown away the process of collecting this wasted energy is called co-generation this technique allows one to temporarily unlock sub-conscious section of the brain (most likely in the brain stem, which controls motion, and in the side lobes which control perspective and mathematics) that increase their ability to control motion to precise perfection. The change is depicted by the cross-shaped pupil, or Twinkle Eye. The downside to this technique is that if user doesn't keep full control it could drastically alter their personality during use.

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