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C-Moon is able to adjust the direction of gravity within a 3 km radius of the stand user, Enrico Pucci, who is used as the center. Any object facing Pucci falls horizontally, and anything above his head falls up toward space. The effect of the gravity adjustment ceases to affect the objects when they fall outside of the 3 km radius, however, objects falling up would theoretically continue to fall up until Pucci moves far away enough. The stand itself can also adjust and dramatically increase the gravitational force acting upon an abject by touching and cause it to turn inside out. Hitting the same object or body twice will reverse the adjustment, although a blow to the head or torso would prove fatal. The only example of a counter against this ability is Jolyne Kujo's use of her stand strings to turn the affected regions into a Möbius strip; a structure that has neither inside nor outside.[1] However, this type of defense is only possible for Jolyne and a blow to the head would still prove fatal. Pucci and C-Moon have also been shown to show no negative affects of the gravity adjustment and can easily defy gravity and even orbit around an enemy.


Added by WhiteSnake357

C-Moon seems to show little learning, as it needs direct instructions from Pucci to function at its maximum potential. The stand itself seems to be a fusion of Whitesnake and the Green Baby, as both entities have disappeared, and an individual can only have one stand. Despite the transformation, any DISC from Whitesnake's ability still exists, and can be carried until they are put into a new body.

The stands name comes from the song C-Moon [2] by Paul McCartney & Wings.

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