Calvin Asmodius


Ultimately a mercenary and assassin, Wolf does whatever it takes for money. While he's had his fair share of "private" battles, his number-one priority is earning money.

Police Records

Japanese records account for 13 charges of first-degree murder and 28 charges of assault with a deadly weapon. Many of the charges accounted for members of the Yakuza and common drug dealers.


Knives are his primary weapons, and he's darn good with them, too.

Combat Ability

Superhuman. Possessing strength, speed and stamina far beyond anything that can possibly be seen as "human", Wolf can easily outperform anything that Core or the Freedom's Angels could presently throw at him.


Dark blond



Hailing from Germany, Wolf has spent a number of years wandering through Asia and taking low-profile jobs that put his astonishing physical talents to use. Always the keen-minded businessman, he's not easily tricked or cheated by anyone, and those that manage it are sure to regret it. He constantly seeks money and sends it to his sisters in Germany, occasionally contacting them to assure himself of their security. They are the only people he still fully trusts, and he wishes very much to see them escape Germany and the heavy debt that he left them with.

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