Kongou Banchou v07 c65 - 171

In india there is a two handed sword called the Firangi that has the ability to both cut and smash. The canaria has added to the Firangi the ability of gouging and piercing. Thus it is a superb blade that provides the experience of hearing the sound of and the feeling of cutting, smashing, gouging and piercing flesh.

First Method: Tsui Bami (Falling Beak): wielder thrusts Canaria towards the enemy, impaling them. Even when blocked, this attack has enough force to throw opponents meters away.

Second Method: Habataki (Flapping Wings): A series of front-facing slashes from several different angles.

Third Method: Kirimomi (Tail Spin): While falling, wielder rotates his body, slashing downward in a spiral motion. This attack can serve as both defense and offense.

Fourth Method: Saezuri (Screaming Death Cry): After having used the cutting, smashing and gouging abilities of Canaria, wielder pierces his opponent in the chest with this attack, usually killing them.

Fifth Method: Senjukannon (Thousand Armed Goddess of Mercy): While standing still, wielder thrusts his blade a countless number of times in an instant in all directions. An omnidirectional piercing thrust that can stop any attackers dead in they tracks.

Sixth Method: Fugutaiten (cannot allow the sworn enemy to live in this world):wielder brings out his secret sword, his true master weapon - an extremely flexible and long blade that is wrapped around his arm like a belt. It is very thin and extremely sharp. Thanks to its lightness and length it can even cut skyscrapers apart.

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