Magami Steel is an exceptionally unique type of metal ore created by the Magami Clan that makes weapons crafted by them so invaluable.


Tamahagane (Jeweled Steel of the Plain of High Heaven) is Japanese steel made out of black iron sand. The metal ore is extremely strange in its makeup; it's extremely dense, yet very soft, as well as being extremely light, a large block is light enough for two or three men to move without much effort, yet it is extremely resistant to blunt forces. This ore is unique in that it naturally resonates with ki, making this material extremely useful in the forging of swords.  

When used in forging this material shows its unique abilities; when forged by a regular forger Tamahagane becomes as hard as regular steel and show no form of unique abilities. The true abilities of Tamahagane is shown when it is forged through Magami Forging, and can have the forgers spirit or will infused into the ore itself.

When forged this way the blacksmith can easily shape the ore as well as to increase its durability, density, weight, and almost anything else that the metal ore provides. Another unique trait that this ore provides is that when forged using the Magami Forging it can be combined with very different metal like lead and aluminum yielding a weapon of much greater power, by altering the metal giving it new forms and proprieties to increase its qualities. Forgers are able to produce almost any kind of weapon that they can imagine, simply adding parts or changing them, altering already dangerous weapons into more destructive ones, creating new weapons, and new ways of destroying bodies.

The integration of the Secrets of Steel combined with the way this metal reacts to ki is the reason the quality and expertise of Magami weapons are unsurpassed. Due to the ore's natural composition, weapons made of it are usually exceptionally lightweight, almost indestructible, and tend to last for generations upon generations without losing its original and inherent abilities and attributes.

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