Carmilla’s Scorpion Gene Mod allows her body to filter out all manner of poisons, toxins, and even nuclear waste. The mutation causes a set of two stinger-like boney protrusions that extend at a ninety degree angle away from the wrist to form. These black barbs are formed out of cartilage and are both durable as well as flexible. They stick out about four inches away from the wrist.

At the point where the “Stinger” emerges from the skin there is a unique membrane which allows the weapon to be “Sheathed” within the forearm. They are hollow and filled the toxins that are produced in a small gland located in the elbow where they are concentrated in allowing Carmilla to transmit them on contact. Carmilla can control the concentration of toxins, killing her target outright or simply making them ill.

The stingers takes effort to control, and even when she is subduing its affects to the best of her ability, prolonged exposure can sicken most people. The constant filtering of toxins from the body also helps keep her in superior physical condition.


XCOM issued gauntlets which can be retracted to appear as small, innocuous bracelets, or expand to armor the arms. The gauntlets allow recipient to better control their stinger.

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