Also known as "Twister", Carol is the youngest member of the X-Army. She was born with an ability referred to as Distortion which is said to straddle the line between ESP and magic. Carol can create axes of rotation anywhere within sight and warp them telekinetically, which causes gruesome dismemberments and deaths. This includes any object or portion of a person's body. She can easily break bones, snap necks, and twist or bend steel. During her battle with Ryo she came close to unleashing Jabberwock, but fails. Ryo then refuses to battle Carol simply because she was a little girl, and resists both Jabberwock and Carol, who eventually sees the true meaning of power and happiness, and reconciles with Ryo. As a result, Ryo stops the fight. Carol then gains a genuine concern for Ryo's well-being and advises him not to battle Alucard in fear that Ryo will die. During the Red Caps' invasion she aids Godai, Soun, Mitsuko, and Al in running from the Red Caps and the rioting citizens. After the invasion she is left in the care of EXALT who find her a family to live with. As a final request, Seras simply asks Carol to live and live happily. When the group returns to Japan, it is revealed that Nabiki and Ryoga took her in making her Godai’s sister.

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