Chīsana Bakudan no Geijutsu




Small Bomb Art

Chīsana Bakudan no Geijutsu is a technique created by Spring herself. It uses the principles of  Dim mak a few pounds of force applied with expert precision to the right meridian points and slow build up of chi to create a particular effect. However Chīsana Bakudan no Geijutsu uses the explosive energy of the Happo Dai Karin. This energy is highly refined and unshaped so essentially Spring is using combat to conceal tiny bombs on opponent without them opponent where they are until it is too late. Vital spots such as the joints are targeted. Chīsana Bakudan no Geijutsu can also be used to for assassination and torture. It is important that user retreat a safe distance before the ki detonates. Though with training user showed gain enough skill to set off explosions within their close vicinity.

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