Holy Guardian of the South gate





Chaka is one of the enforcers working for the Washimine Group who fancies himself as a "Wild West" gunman and is fluent in English.


Arrogant, cruel, and sadistic, Chaka is often seen as an idiot by his peers. His earlier appearance showed that Revy's reputation as a gunman in Roanapur is such that even the Yakuza in Japan have heard of her. And of course he would try to move in and win her over. Shortly after Yukio becomes the boss of the Group, Chaka makes his bid to take over the leadership by kidnapping her with the help of a street gang. He was determined to fight Revy in a quick-draw showdown, but she refused and lured him into fighting a duel with Ginji instead, who defeated and finished him off by letting him drown in a pool with both his hands severed. Chaka survived his encounter and was discovered and healed by Lucifer becoming his Holy Guardian of the South gate Suzaku. His character and appearance is likely based on Kakihara from Ichi the Killer, as both of them are longing for a strong opponent equal to them and are sadistically violent. His character could also be based on Cornelius Alba from Garden' of Sinners, since both are cruel and sadistically violent.

Abilities Edit

He controls the power of Suzaku, the Vermilion Bird. This grants him the ability to manipulate fire and heal burns. He is also capable of burning his body and recreate it to a new one, changing his physical appearance to whatever he wises. Chaka also has the ability of detecting someone who is hiding thanks to the person's body heat.

Spells Edit

Flame Sword (炎剣 Enken?, lit. "Flame Sword"): Creates a 3000 degree C° flame sword.

Suzaku: A 3000-degree-Celsius fire bird. He is able to manipulate numerous birds of fire with this spell to deliever devastating attacks.

Cards Edit

Bird of Illusion: Allows the user to change his appearance by burning his body recreating it to look exactly like someone else.

Mirror of Dreamy Flames: Allows one to steal another moves, even if the user has no mastery of it.

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