150px-Aerial Chakram

A specialised type of PSI, enabling user to compact the full extent of his abilities in this area into a excessively dense and two-dimensional circular form, possessing an incomprehensibly sharp edge around the entirety of its circumference. The substantial size and curvature of this resultant shape makes it more suitable for longer distances rather than for utilisation in close quarter combat, it is typically thrown at tremendous velocities, achieved by violently slashing the air with the arms. This aerodynamic shape is not easily deflected by environmental or other external forces, slicing through any obstructions along its trajectory with such relative ease that it is referred to as an "unstoppable attack".[11] However, this does present complications as the ring possesses a wide area of attack along a singular axis, meaning user has to be careful not to inflict unwanted collateral damage. When implementing this technique; the discs emit a substantial quantity of light.

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