Chiima Dev






Paladin (Rank: Captain)


Lawful Good


Justice, nobility, kindness, punishing evildoers


Blood angels, rudeness, the undead, evil, anything having to do or somehow associated with the Eight Dark Brotherhoods


Silver blade (beta level enchantment)

Fighting Style

Non-descript sword style commonly practiced by all holy paladins

Combat Abilities

Relatively high, Chiima is gifted with a swift dexterity that belies his bulky muscle and a firm constitution inconsistent with typical angelic fragility. Additionally, he can, of course, fly, which lends him further advantages against traditional foes. His absolute faith is likewise strong enough to manifest in the form of several weak but reliable clerical spells. Unfortunately, Chiima is rather bull-headed and brash, meaning that he rarely makes the best use of his abilities without someone more rational around to command him.

Kaze's most loyal friend as he was growing up, Chiima really couldn't be more different from the miscreant cleric that he spent so much time training with when they were both acolytes; Kaze was rude, lazy, disobedient, obsessed with petty personal pleasures, and cared little for authority. Chiima was the very picture of an excellent paladin, throwing himself headlong into his training to become the very best he could be and never questioning an order or a commandment. Despite this, it seemed that Kaze netted the honor of being declared the Order of Malakai's fourth avatar. Chiima wasn't bitter, however, and in true honorable fashion, continues to direct all his negative energy toward Rayden, Kaze's other best friend, and coincidentally a racial enemy of the angels.

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